Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What is the difference between Medicare and Medi-Cal?

A: Medicare is a federally funded program for most residents who have worked in the United States. It covers your stay in a skilled nursing facility if you were in the hospital for three days prior to coming to our facility. MediCal is a state funded insurance that covers room and board in a facility for residents who do not have sufficient private funds. Please feel free to inquire more about Medicare or MediCal with the facility Business Office Manager.

Q: What should I bring when I am admitted?

A: If you are receiving physical and occupational therapy, bring loose fitting clothes, socks and soft soled shoes. Otherwise bring the clothes you feel most comfortable wearing for the current season. You may bring small items that are important to you such as family pictures to help you feel more at home but should inquire with the facility Administrator regarding the ability to secure valuables on site.

Q: What are the visiting hours?

A: There are no set visiting hours in the facility. However, please be mindful that personal care is typically provided in the morning so visits may need to arrange for later in the morning.

Q: Do residents have telephones available for individual use?

A: Every resident has access to a phone within the facility. Some facilities do have telephones designated for each resident. Please confirm the availability of this service with the facility Admission Coordinator.

Q: How do residents receive therapy services?

A: If you are coming from the hospital or another facility you will be screened and treated by a physical, occupational and/or speech therapist as appropriate and consistent with orders from the primary physician. Residents residing in the facility may occasionally require therapy services to return to a prior level of function. Nursing or facility staff residents for these services as appropriate.

Q: How often can the resident by seen by a therapist?

A: It will depend on the individual resident’s treatment plan. Typically, a resident will be treated by a therapist for an hour each day and possibly more if multiple disciplines are involved.

Q: How do you schedule nursing staff for facility?

A: Every facility is required to have a licensed nurse on every shift and comply with state and federal minimum staffing requirements.

Q: What kind of meals do you offer?

A: We offer meals that are developed by Registered Dietitians and catered to the needs of the individual and each facility. Alternate choices for each meal and for snacks are provided daily. When you are admitted we will meet with you to find out your preferences and accommodate your wishes.

Q: What kind of activities do residents of the facility enjoy?

A: We offer a variety of individual and group activities including regular outings as often as weekly. On admission the Activity Director will meet with you to determine your areas of interest and attempt to accommodate as many as possible.

Q: What support does the facility offer to resident family members?

A: There is typically a resident care conference scheduled within the first two weeks of a residents stay in the facility. Regular care conferences are then conducted at least quarterly after admission. We also have regularly scheduled Family Council meetings allowing family members to address facility leadership and establish relationships with their peers.

Q: What if I have questions after admission?

A: Questions can be addressed to any staff within the facility although the facility Administrator is usually available to answer most questions. If facility staff are unable to resolve your question or concern, to your satisfaction, ask the facility Administrator about our “30 Day No Excuses Satisfaction Guarantee”.

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